Cayden Mozurek honored for courageous acts

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By Crystal Nelson

THORNTON — When members of the Mozurek family were suddenly and unexpectedly involved in a  car accident, 10-year-old Cayden Mozurek sprang into action.

The fifth-grader was honored by Principal Carie Brock, the South Adams County Fire Department and Northglenn Ambulance on March 14 at West Ridge Elementary School for his courage in making sure all of his little sisters got out safely. 


On March 9, one of Cayden’s sisters switched seats inside the SUV and while his mother, Rachelle, was trying to locate her in the rear view mirror, the vehicle veered off the road, rolled down into a ditch and landed on its roof. Knowing he had to get everybody out of the vehicle, Cayden wrapped his 3-month-old sister Tatym in a blanket and handed her to a good Samaritan who stopped to help. He then helped get his 3-year-old sister Cyrah and 6-year-old sister Caitlyn out of the vehicle.

“I knew that they were probably hurt and that they were scared, so I thought I would go back there and tell them that everything was fine,” he said. 

By the time the fire department arrived, everyone was out of the vehicle and standing on an embankment. South Adams County Fire Department Shift Leader Jeff Woog said in situations like that, families typically would still be trapped in the car. He also said because of the mud in the ravine, it would have been a challenge getting everybody out. 

“I just want to thank him for all his help in stepping up and showing his bravery for sure,” Woog said. 

Alex Wilkenson, a paramedic with Northglenn Ambulance, said Mozurek did very well for a 10-year-old and that he’s one of the “more mature” individuals he’s come across in his experience. 

Rachelle said it didn’t surprise her that Cayden helped his sisters out of the vehicle and that he’s pretty protective of his little sisters. 

“I’m just grateful. He’s just always been that kid... He’s always kind of been that way. It’s just his heart,” Rachelle said. 

She said that except for a broken pinky toe, some bruises and scratches, everyone is doing fine.