Dacono approves plan for Rickenbaugh dealership

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Firm sets sights on I-25 frontage road for Infiniti sales

By Ben Wiebesiek

DACONO — After a record-breaking year of sales tax revenue in 2012, the city is looking to keep the momentum rolling with a new dealership set to move in this year.
    Council unanimously approved three measures Jan. 28 to secure the new location of Rickenbaugh Infiniti.
    The council first approved a four-acre site located along the east frontage road for Interstate 25 south of State Highway 52.

    Rickenbaugh’s site development plan was approved next. The site is already zone to allow businesses such as a car dealership.
    Community Development Director Jennifer Krieger said a traffic impact survey was conducted by the owners of the dealership and submitted to the city and the Colorado Department of Transportation, which approved an extra lane exiting I-25 to allow for additional traffic to flow to and from the business.
    The city also entered into a subdivision improvement agreement with the dealership.
    “A quick note on the subdivision improvement agreement: those are standard agreements that the city council approves to guarantee the public improvements as well as private landscaping,” Krieger said. “And the applicant has agreed to that.”
    Architect and planner Barry Harrison, with Concept West Architecture in Colorado Springs, briefed council on the project.
    Harrison said the city worked well with the business to get through the process of application at “light speed.”
    “We’re very excited to be here,” Harrison said. “We’re very grateful for the city for your level of cooperation and making a highly-desirable project happen in a very short time frame.”
    Harrison said the number one criteria for selecting any dealership site is visibility.
    “From I-25, it’s perfect, and also from State Highway 52,” Harrison said. “Access is also very good with the frontage roads.”
    The owner of the dealership, Mary Pacifico-Valley, told council the dealership would be family owned.
    “We go to work every day, so we have every intent of making it work and being a part of the Dacono community,” Pacifico-Valley said. “We managed to do that in the City and County of Denver, so that speaks for what we’re used to.”
    Pacifico-Valley said her business had a choice of different municipalities to go with, which prompted a good deal of research and investigation.
    “We felt this was the right place to be successful,” Pacifico-Valley said. “You’ll find we want to be involved with the community.”
    Mayor Charles Sigman said he couldn’t see a better business going into that location to welcome visitors to Dacono.
    “Because it is definitely a higher-caliber facility,” Sigman said. “And I look forward to that.”

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