Decision 2012 -- Sigman wins second term as Dacono Mayor

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By Ben Wiebesiek

DACONO — In his first contested election for mayor, Charles Sigman struck a conclusive win for his second term.
    Sigman won 59.1 percent of the vote — 841 votes total — for a win over former city councilwoman Sandra Tucker, who netted 40.8 percent of the vote (581 votes).
    Election night also happened to be Sigman and his wife’s 13th wedding anniversary.
    “Staying at home, watching the polls is not the most ideal anniversary. But I’ll make it up to her this Saturday,” Sigman said.
    Sigman said he was happy to have the win in the election by running on his own merits.
    “Because the mud slinging never works out, you know?” Sigman said. “I wanted people to look at me just on what I’ve done for the city, not how much mud I can fling at my opponent.”
    Shifting gears toward his second term, Sigman plans on showing improvements for the older neighborhoods.
    “In our last budget work session, there is a lot of public improvements going to be happening pretty much through Glens, like water, infrastructure and street repairs,” Sigman said. “So we’re going to see a lot of that happening, which isn’t always the most glamorous  – or something they can wrap their arms around. But something that needs to happen because the infrastructure within the Glens and Old Town is deteriorating, and of course, we need to invest funds into that particular area.”
    Progress is slated to continue to the planned Carbon Valley Veterans Memorial Park at the intersection of Colorado Boulevard and State Highway 52. And the area has already seen several big name corporate donations, including a major oil exploration firm.
    “Anadarko just presented us with $10,000 in funds to go toward that,” Sigman said. “We’re filing on final concept plans on the park, too, and my goal is to make sure that continues to move forward to recognize the veterans of the Carbon Valley area, not just Dacono, but all of the surrounding area.”
    NASCAR racing has also donated trees in appreciation of the city’s partnership with Colorado National Speedway.
    At the entrance of the park sits the first monument sign, a project Sigman has enjoyed bringing closer to completion.
    A second sign was finished this year at the intersection of Summit Boulevard and the west frontage road for Interstate 25.
    “We’re going to work at finishing out the rest of our monument signs so people realize they’re in Dacono,” Sigman said.
    He’s also excited for developments on the commercial side of Dacono.
    “We’ve got a great business moving in. Rickenbaugh is putting in an Infinity dealership right next to Kum & Go,” he said. “Miller International, one of the biggest sponsors of the National Western Stock Show, they just recently came to Dacono. They’re wanting to move forward on a big development project.”
    Sigman emphasized that he was just part of larger efforts within council and on city staff.
    “I’ve got six fantastic council members,” Sigman said. “An I look forward to working with the newest member of council, Geneiveve Schneider. We’ll move forward with making Dacono a great place to live, work and play.”