Former Weld County commish Dave Long takes top slot at Logan county Department of Social Services

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Twelve-year veteran Weld County Commissioner Dave Long finds himself working in a county capacity again, albeit a different locale.

    Appointed by the Logan County Board of Commissioners, Long took on the role of director of the Logan County Department of Social Services, effective March 1.
    In addition to serving as a Weld County commissioner, Long served as coordinator for the Weld County Department of Human Services. Appointed to the Colorado State Board of Human Services by three successive governors, Long also served on the State Child Fatality Review Board, Sexual Offender Management Board and the State Workforce Development Board. Prior to his Weld County service, Long worked as a counselor for Centennial Mental Health in Sterling.
    “Long is enthusiastically looking forward to one again having the opportunity to serve the citizens of Logan County in his new role,” a Logan County press release stated.
    Also changing March 1: The name of the Logan County Department of Social Services will become the Department of Human Services.
    The new name is a reflection of the “changing and expanding role of social/human services as a governmental function,” according to the release.