Goodbye, friends

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    We hate to say goodbye to our co-workers and our friends. We know at some point we have to. But it’s not fun. So you can imagine what it’s like this week when we will say goodbye to a pair of our friends and co-workers within the span of a couple of days.
    Education writer Emily Dougherty leaves us after about a year on the education beat and a couple of years doing part-time work for the paper. We appreciate all her hard work and dedication.
    Managing Editor Kevin Denke is leaving, too. He’s not going quite as far away. He’ll be at Brighton School District 27J, keeping a close eye on his former brethren in the reporting world as the district’s public information officer.
    As readers, you  get to see their efforts week to week in the pages of the paper. In the office, we’ve had the privilege of seeing them grow as young people and as reporters/editors. It’s one of the treats in this business – to watch the personal and professional part of the process develop before our very eyes.
    We are happy for them to be branching out into their next ventures, and we are just as unhappy to see them leave. We will be just as happy, just as anxious to hear/read about their next ventures. We do so knowing that they spent a little of that time honing their talent here with you as their audience. That’s one of the unseen purposes of a small, community paper. It’s one of the reasons some make a career out so-called “refrigerator journalism.”
    Next week, we’ll move on with some more stories, some more recaps, some more pictures – the usual practices that go with putting out newspapers. But it won’t be quite the same.
    So before we do, we need to say thank you, Emily and Kevin, for stopping by long enough to share some time and to share the early stages of your career with Brighton and with us. We feel lucky you were here, if only for a relatively short amount of time. We hope you feel the same way.
    It was a lot of fun.