Loren Winstead runs for Dacono council to represent ‘the Glens’

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By Ben Wiebesiek

 DACONO — The city of Dacono has two seats open this year for city council. The city doesn’t divide the council into wards, so every council member represents an at-large district.
    But for Loren Winstead, city council should still reflect the different neighborhoods of the city,  both old and new.
    “I just thought every part of Dacono needs a little bit of representation,” Winstead said of his decision to run for council. “They didn’t have anybody in ‘the Glens’ yet.”
    “The Glens” comprise one of the older core neighborhoods of the city, surrounding Glen Creighton Drive between Colorado State Highway 52 and Forest Avenue.
    “We’ve been here roughly five years and before that we lived in Hudson. We’ve been in Colorado 23 years or so,” Winstead said. “So, I thought, maybe I should run and check it out. I wanted to see what it’s all about.”
    Winstead used to be a mechanic, but an injury forced him out of the business.
“I’m qualified for city council because I’d say I’m open-minded. I listen to what people have to say,” Winstead said. “I try to base my decisions off of stuff like that.”
    Looking forward to 2014, Winstead said Council should focus on economic development.
    “I think the top priority for Dacono is to bring some new businesses in here,” Winstead said. “We need to build Dacono up a little bit more. I think we should make it more inviting for people to put their businesses here — that’s what it should be.”
    Winstead, a political neophyte, admits that running for public office is a new experience for him, but even if he doesn’t win a seat on Council, he will know more about the municipal government process.
“This is my first time doing anything like this, so I think it’s definitely going to be a learning experience,” Winstead said.
And even without the political experience, Winstead has good odds of getting on council. There are three people running for the two empty seats: Winstead, Nicholas Vogel and incumbent Kevin Plain.

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