Rafer Burnham, Donna Hudziak and Fred Skates will serve on the Frederick Board of Trustees

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FREDERICK -- The unofficial results are in and incumbents Rafer Burnham and Fred Skates along with new trustee Donna Hudziak will be sworn in to serve on the Board of Trustees next Tuesday April 8th at 7 p.m. The following is a tally of the election results as the names appeared on the ballot:

Angela Hepp                         293

Richard (Rick) McCaskill     293

Rafer Burnham                      302                

Fred L. Skates                      368

Donna Hudziak                      394

    The judges processed 703 ballots.
    “I want to thank Jim Wollack for his dedicated service to this community and I’m appreciative of all the exemplary candidates who offered to serve Frederick in this way,” said Mayor Tony Carey. “I’d like to welcome the new trustee and I’m excited to begin working with this team as we continue to move our community forward. Congratulations also to the new leadership throughout our local area and I look forward to working with them to benefit our broader community.”