Tips for surviving Black Friday

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    Scope out your favorite stores online ahead of your store or mall visit and have a clear course to save time and energy. If traveling with others, identify one landmark area to meet up and make sure to take note of where you parked your car.

Get ahead of the game
    Take advantage of early mall and store openings for door busters, which are typically worth your time and easier on the wallet.

A step in the right direction
    Choose the right shoes to walk the malls and store so you are comfortable and protected from the elements.
    Put your social media savvy to good use
If you are not on Facebook or Twitter or a member of various retailers’ mailing lists, maybe now is the time to join, as there will be many social media-driven offers and exclusive promotions.
Shop outside the box
    A gift list is great, but be sure to check out the back of your favorite stores for more amazing bargains too good to pass up for that special someone.
Calculate your savings
    Take note of all in-store signage and read the tags to note any special stickers or markings with additional discounts. Why not use a pocket calculator or your phone so you can add up the great savings before you get in line to check-out?
Just buy it
    If you think you want it, then buy it now. Popular merchandise might not be there when you go back as stores are less likely to keep huge inventories of one item, but be sure to ask about the store’s return policy in advance.