Volunteering led to trustee bid for Hudziak

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Frederick candidate for board wants town to mind water rights

By Ben Wiebesiek

FREDERICK — Donna Hudziak became involved in town operations within months of moving to here, and she sees her current campaign for the board of trustees as a natural outgrowth of this.

“The reason I wanted to run is because I am very, very interested in the town of Frederick,” Hudziak said. “We moved here in October 2005, and I was on the planning commission in February of 2006. I still serve on the planning commission as vice chairman — I’ve been vice chairman for about five years now.”


Hudziak faces Angela Hepp, Richard McCaskill, Rafer Burnham and Fred Skates for three open seats on the Frederick Town Board of Trustees during this spring’s mail-ballot election. The town will accept ballots until 7 p.m. April 1.

Before moving to Frederick, Hudziak was the land use administrator in Jefferson County.

“There I was in charge of budget management, project manager, coordination of joint planning efforts between the county and the cities,” Hudziak said. “I spent 12 years before that working at the City of Aurora on the planning staff. Then I worked on the City of Lakewood planning staff. I was also on the Jefferson county open space advisory commission. And I co-own, along with my husband, a business called Promotional Resource Group for 15 years.”

In addition to her time on the planning commission, Hudziak has served on several other boards and committees.

“I also served on the Miners Day committee, the home rule committee and the historic preservation committee. I’ve been a volunteer at the Frederick Police Department for about the last eight years,” Hudziak said. “And I was also the recording secretary for the senior advisory committee at the Carbon Valley Rec. District. And through all those years volunteering for the various committees I just thought it was about time I try serve on the board.” 

Looking at the future challenges facing the town, Hudziak views water rights as a pressing concern.

“Obtaining water rights, as we can, for non-potable water is important because you know we live in an arid community, and we live in an arid state, and water is extremely important to us,” Hudziak said. 

     Hudziak strongly supports the town’s participation in the Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP), which aims to capture excess water before it leaves the state in two new reservoirs and a series of infrastructure improvements. The project is currently awaiting permitting approval from the Army Corps of Engineers.

“Secondly, economic development: I’d like to see more economic development along the I-25/Highway 52 corridor going into Frederick,” Hudziak said. “I’m very, very interested in the downtown development project. We approved a comprehensive plan the first year I was on the planning commission, and since then — I think it was 2009 — we adopted the downtown development plan. 2010, we adopted a master plan for parks and open space, and those two plans were incorporated into the comprehensive plan for the town of Frederick.”