Warriors' softball winners announced

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FREDERICK — Frederick softball coach Roger Dufour was the class 4A Tri-Valley League coach of the year this season. The Warriors earned a spot in the class 4A tournament in Aurora.
    The Warriors also earned postseason honors. Libby Nelson was an all-state selection. She, Alex Dufour and Cheyenne Hamilton were all-conference picks. Honorable-mention honors went t Antonia Villani, Kait Hoffmann and Mae Mitchell.
    The team handed out its postseason awards at the team banquet. Hoffmann. Nelson and Leah Hummel were the team captains. Hoffmann captured the team’s most valuable player award and the Queen of the Circle Award as the team’s top pitcher
    Alex Dufour won the Thief Award for the most stolen bases. Nelson won the Slugger Award as the team’s top hitter. The Queen of the Circle award for best pitcher. Mae Mitchell took the Golden Glove award as the team’s top fielder.