Absence makes the heart grow fonder

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Hall plans to return to field after 3-year hiatus

By Steve Smith

FREDERICK — When last seen near a football field, ex-Frederick star Dalton Hall was leading the Warriors to the state 3A semifinals and earning all-conference recognition.

That was almost three years ago.

Since then, he’s signed a letter of intent, seen that plan go up in smoke because of a change in coaches, a change of schools (Hall is at Western State College of Colorado) and a resultant loss of a year of eligibility and neck surgery that kept him out of spring practice.

Hall has been given a medical clearance to resume playing football. Practice for the Mountaineers begins later this month.

“Eager would be an understatement,” Hall said. “But you know? I have had to stay patient and not let the obstacles I’ve had to overcome slow down my love for the game and my work ethic. It helps being around such a great group of guys and coaches who continue to push me to improve in all aspects of the game. It has helped me mentally as well that’s for sure.”

Hall, who has three years of athletic eligibility left, has learned a few things about himself the past three years.

“Well, as impatient of a person I can be at times, I’ve really had to be patient with my injury recovery and misfortunes I have had in the past two years,” Hall said. “The experience has really humbled me. I’ve learned that even when things aren’t going the way you’d like, I still need to trust in God’s plan and stay positive.

“I’ve become much more of a positive person, and I have learned to be mentally tough on and off the field,” Hall added. “My goals are still well in front of me, and that’s the biggest thing I can take away from all of this.”

Western State begins practice Aug. 12. The season begins Sept. 6 at Wayland Baptist University in Texas. The Mountaineers will be in Golden to play the Colorado School of Mines at 1 p.m. Nov. 8. Hall said the coaches are planning to use him as a wide receiver.


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