Bobbi Sindelar seeking a second term as Firestone trustee

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By Ben Wiebesiek

FIRESTONE — Bobbi Sindelar wants to continue her work as a trustee, seeking another term on the board to move ahead on projects initiated in her first term.

“For me, I’m really excited about getting Central Park more established, which is the property around the library,” Sindelar said. “That’s just such a gem that we have. I’d really like to see more things happening out there. It’s a wonderful property, and I’d really like to get that developed.”


Sindelar has served as chairwoman of the parks, trails and recreation advisory board among several other town boards and committees.

“I started out on the planning commission and I was on the planning commission for five years. It was a six-year term on the planning commission, then I stopped being on the planning commission and I was a trustee. And as a trustee, we’re all appointed to different boards that we serve on,” Sindelar said.

Currently, Sindelar sits on the cultural committee and she is the public policy legislative liaison to the Colorado Municipal League.

“We installed some brand new equipment at Hart Park. It was long overdue,” Sindelar said. “Since I’ve been on the parks and trails [advisory board] we’ve installed a tennis court, and I’m a huge tennis fan. So that was exciting for me.”

In addition to being a fan, Sindelar is a United States Tennis Association recreational tennis instructor.

“I don’t know that my involvement necessarily made it happen, but I know that they were all happy for me that we made that old — it was a skate park — back into a tennis court,” Sindelar said. “And it’s just a wonderful amenity for the people on that end of town.”

Sindelar said she’s focused on promoting sensible economic development, attracting sit down restaurants among other projects.

“Sit down restaurants are something that we’re really lacking,” Sindelar said. “I would love to make it so that we don’t have to drive to Longmont to have a nice meal. I drive to Longmont every day, practically. I play tennis in Longmont several days every week, and it would it be really nice if we had a tennis facility out here.”

     Sindelar said Firestone’s corridor near Interstate 25 offers good visibility to interested businesses.

     “I really want to preserve our town’s charm but we really have such a wonderful area,” Sindelar said. “I just love Firestone and being part of the community. I love the people that are here, and I’ve really enjoyed my last four years on the board. We have a special relationship; everybody works together so nicely.”


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