Dacono BMX facility to get new lighting

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$78,192 project scheduled to be completed before Mile High Nationals in August

By Ben Wiebesiek

DACONO — City Council unanimously approved a contract April 14 to install 480-watt LED lights at the Dacono BMX to help accommodate night races and larger crowds.

City Administrator AJ Euckert thanked councilwoman Peggy Randolph for her work bringing the improvements to the track, located t the south end of town on Forest Avenue.

“She made a contact at the chamber of commerce lunch one day, and this is the company that we’re recommending to go with,” Euckert said. “Their lighting uses LED lighting, which is a much whiter light, more efficient from a billing standpoint.”

Euckert said the company, Z-Light LED was offering to do the work for a price that paid for the project’s overhead, and not much more.

“They’re doing this project almost at-cost because they want to use this project as a display project,” Euckert said. “They’re a company out of Longmont, and this is exactly the company we were going for. The bid’s, you’ll notice, are from larger companies, the nationally-known guys, who do the traditional stadium lighting with high-pressure sodium, metal halide and those types.”

Randolph said she was happy to save the city some money on the project.

Councilman Steve Bruno said the selection of LED was “phenomenal.”

“The LED’s go for 100,000 hours,” Bruno said. “You’ve seen [the difference between] LED versus halogen just at the library there.”

Bruno said that the LED selection kept the city ahead of any regulations or prohibitions against the older types of lights that might be enacted in coming years.

“The market will drive it,” Euckert said. “It will be such a slam dunk to go with LED’s.”

Mayor Charles Sigman said that the BMX project could inform other city decisions about lighting.

“It’s something, down the road, I’d like to look at for our street lighting,” Sigman said. “That would be fantastic.”

“Throughout this project, we’ll be able to contact them and start to get some feedback for going down the road on those other projects,” Euckert said. 

Dacono Public Works Manager Jon Rabas said projected cost of the project to be $78,192, which includes a 20 percent contingency fund for unexpected costs.

“You always run into that,” Rabas said. “After reviewing the following bids, I recommend Z-Light LED based upon the cost, the warranty, and one of the big things, the completion date for the project.”

The scheduled completion date this summer leaves a month of time between the project’s completion and Mile High Nationals Aug. 1 to 3.

“That way, in case we have any hiccups, we have time to address them,” Rabas said.

The city is also projected to save money on the cost of installing the foundations and the poles for the lighting, which will be done in-house by Dacono’s Public Works Department.

“Another thing too, by putting this lighting in, the money that’s going to be saved on the generators and lighting for up there,” Sigman said. “Because, you know, every year they come asking about outdoor lighting and all that. Well now, it will be there, so it’s going to help out a lot there.”


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