Early childhood ed. scholarships at Aims

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Aims Community College was recently notified of an exceptional opportunity for future teachers of early childhood education.

Through coordinated efforts between Colorado’s Community College foundations and the state of Colorado, scholarships are available to Aims students who are enrolled in early childhood education courses and have an intention of employment within this industry following completion of their coursework.

Aims Community College is honored to be part of this opportunity, as indicated by Early Childhood professor, Judy Gump upon notification of the scholarships, “….I was very excited as our students have listed the cost of higher education as their main barrier to earning degrees and certificates. This will be of tremendous help.” 

The amount of available scholarship funding is limited. Preference will be given to applicants who are currently employed in Early Childhood Education, are degree and/or certificate seeking students, and close to degree completion.  

As a challenge gift, donations are appreciated. For more information about this opportunity, contact Julie Buderus, Aims Community College Foundation at julie.buderus@aims.edu.