Firestone awards contract for pavement condition survey

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The Firestone Board of Trustees awarded a contract during its March 26 meeting to Infrastructure Management Services to conduct an intensive pavement condition survey this year.

The survey will provide critical data, accelerated results and significant cost savings for street rehabilitation.

The survey will be conducted in May and will gather all information from every street within town within a few days. Information gathered will be done using a laser to perform a surface condition assessment of all streets.

Eleven laser sensors will look at pavement cracking, texture, rutting, roughness, grade and more to determine the condition. In addition, the lasers will use GPS technology to locate and inventory all roadway signs.

Deflection testing will also be done to determine the sub grade of the materials under the roadways. The results will allow the Town to rank and prioritize street rehabilitation with scientific data.

Town staff will utilize the condition survey throughout the next several budget processes to direct funding to make repairs to streets. The street and park dedicated tax increase, which was passed by voters in November 2013, will provide the allocated money to conduct the condition survey and fund street projects moving forward.

The Firestone Board of Trustees believes it will be instrumental for the Town to conduct this survey every three to five years to reevaluate the condition of the streets.