Firestone pavement condition survey to aid street improvement prioritization

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By The Staff

Early last month, Firestone residents caught a glimpse of a strange vehicle driving throughout Town with mounted lasers.

This was Infrastructure Management Services conducting an intensive pavement condition survey of all Town streets.

The survey gathered information regarding all street conditions using a laser to perform a surface condition assessment. Segments of each street will be given a score of what its surface condition is currently, which will allow staff to access which streets need attention now and which can be postponed.

Along with the score will be raw data that can help determine the appropriate treatment or repair. The results, which should be made available to the Town by the end of July, will allow the town to rank and prioritize street rehabilitation with scientific data.

  With the results, the town will seek public input and factor that information and the survey data into the next several budget processes to direct funding to make repairs to streets. The street and park dedicated tax increase, which was passed by voters in November 2013, will provide the allocated money to conduct the condition survey and fund street projects moving forward.