Firestone plans for projects after ballot measure’s passage

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 The Board of Trustees approved plans for the initial steps and planned projects to begin after the successful ballot measure for a dedicated 1-cent sales tax increase for street and park sustainability. The ballot also included a second question which passed to allow the town of Firestone to accrue debt to accelerate construction.

The Board of Trustees and town staff have meet to determine a schedule for planned projects, some of which will be cash funded and others through bonds.

Projects planned for 2014 include:

Firestone Boulevard

Firestone Boulevard will be expanded completely to four lanes from Birch Street to Cimarron Street to allow for greater accessibility to the Firestone community. This expansion is expected to be completed by fall 2014.

2013 Expansion

In 2013 the town expanded Firestone Boulevard from the Frontage Road to Birch Street to allow four lanes of travel. The additional lanes added on the south side were paved and then chip sealing was installed over the entire road to preserve and lengthen the useful life of the roadway. This project was not a complete new paving job, as only the additional lanes were paved.


Sable Avenue Trail

Engineering will be designing a trail along Sable Avenue that will connect the intersection of Birch Street and Sable Avenue to the Firestone Trail that runs along Colorado Boulevard. This will allow for safer travel of students accessing schools, as well as all residents wanting access to the community trail system. Construction is slated for 2015.

Colorado Boulevard

Engineering will be designing a rehabilitation of Colorado Boulevard headed north from the Oak Meadows neighborhood to County Road 26. Construction is slated for 2015. 


Pavement Assessment

The Engineering department will begin the first phase of a three-year pavement assessment. The town will be separated into three areas of which the first will be evaluated in 2014. Following the assessment in 2014, streets and water lines in historic Firestone will begin rehabilitation in 2015. This involves studying the condition of all roads within the designated segment to determine their condition. This process will thoroughly detail the roads within the three areas and rank which roads will need future repairs based on their current assessment.


Firestone Gateway Project

The engineering design will begin on the Firestone Boulevard Gateway project to provide a build out of the boulevard to Bailey Street. The project will include curb and gutter, center medians and landscape. Construction slated for 2015.