Irv Brown practices what he preaches

Irv Brown stopped by Frederick Thursday. So did former Denver Nuggets player Ervin Johnson.

Together, they imparted a combination of history, wit and wisdom to an audience far too young to know about their respective accomplishments but who paid rapt attention, just as their hosts asked.
It seems like Brown has been around forever ... and that may well be the case. The former college coach/NCAA referee turned-sports-talk-show host and TV commentator never seems to tire of his campaign to instill the concept of sound minds and sound bodies wherever he goes.

His longtime radio program -- together with co-host Joe Williams -- practices something that other programs could afford to use. They listen to people and visit. There's no right answer, no wrong answer, no "my way or the highway" -- it's just three to four hours a day of talking sports, the history of sports, a lot of history of Denver sports.

Among many other things, Brown and Johnson told their young audience to respect people. Around 11:30 in the morning, Brown left to go and do exactly that to a wider audience.

It was fun, and it was educational.

Even for a repeat member of the audience.