McCaskill runs for trustee to represent West Frederick

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Candidate says last fall’s floods prompted campaign

By Ben Wiebesiek

FREDERICK — Town voters will select three trustees from five candidates during this year’s election, and all of the trustees will represent at-large districts.

But these town-wide districts don’t always lead to equal representation for all neighborhoods, and Rick McCaskill is running for the Frederick Town Board of Trustees to represent the portions of Frederick that sit west of Interstate Highway 25.


“During the flood — I live on the western side of town — I saw that we didn’t in some ways over here get as much attention as the east side,” McCaskill said.

He approached Frederick Mayor Tony Carey to voice his concerns about the town’s flood response.

“And I started talking with Tony, our mayor, and a couple other trustees, and Tony encouraged me and said, they’d really like to have somebody on the west side represented over here,” McCaskill said. “If you look at it, some of the largest growth of the city has been planned for over here, with I think 1,300 more homes plus a shopping center and eventual hospital and assisted living home and more apartments and things like that.”

McCaskill’s background is in business and management, and after starting nine companies, he said he felt it was time for something new.

“I’m on the verge of retiring right now, so I’ll have a bit more time to dedicate towards the town,” McCaskill said.

McCaskill went through the citizen academy with the Frederick Police Department, and together with his wife, the couple serve as neighborhood watch captains.

“We do a lot with Gary Barbour and the team over there at the police department,” McCaskill said. 

His work with the police department led to greater interaction with his neighbors, who McCaskill said encouraged his run for the town board.

McCaskill, who has lived in town for nine years, believes future water access will be a top challenge for Frederick, a view he came to when he started his companies.

     “I’ve had to build a lot of manufacturing plants and assembly facilities and stuff like that, both in the U.S. and around the world,” McCaskill said. “I think there is a need to see what we can do to get additional water and ways to conserve, and use some of the amounts of the ground water we have and recycled water for our parks.”

McCaskill was involved in bringing a park to the west side of Frederick, and he saw the heavy water demands of the park during that project.

“When I talked to a few developers, they were encouraged that I was running because I understand what it takes to build a facility and all the permits and the higher costs of water and the higher costs of electrical reduces the chance of building homes because it becomes to expensive to build there,” McCaskill said. “I’m looking forward to the election, and hopefully I get elected to serve the town I love.”