The new Farmer and Miner website

Welcome to the new Carbon Valley Farmer and Miner website. This is probably your first visit so I've got a week or two jump on you to navigate through everything on here.
But, if you're like me when it comes to having a moderate degree of web saviness, you'll see this new website is a far cry from the now dearly-departed version. We're burying it in the back parking lot as I speak (feel free to bring flowers).
So what makes this website a substantial improvement. Functionality wise, it's a lot easier to find what you're looking for. From an interactivity standpoint, there's numerous nifty additions. We have forums where you can share your opinions, a weekly opinion poll, a Pet of the Week feature (where your cuddly critter can pose for our readers). The events calendar is in a much more user-friendly spot for letting folks know what's happening around town. I like the E-Edition where you can bring up a digital copy of the Carbon Valley Farmer and Miner. The blog feature is fun too. We hope to add community bloggers soon who will put their own stamp on the site. If you're interested in doing that, shoot me an e-mail at news@metrowestnewspapers.com and we'll get you set up. Yup, it's that easy.
Getting this website ready to launch was pretty exciting because I couldn't wait to get our readers a better-working website. You patiently used the old website and hopefully this will be a better experience. For those making your first trip here? Welcome, have a look around, I think you'll like what you see.