Newest additions to Frederick PD fleet get a redesigned look

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By The Staff

FREDERICK — The Frederick Police Department has a new look, thanks to newly redesigned patrol vehicles.
    The new look, designed by Frederick police officers, is a cost-effective method of adding a sleek new face to the public.
    Frederick Police Cmdr. Todd Norris put together a committee of officers to help redesign the cars. They looked at many different agencies for inspiration before putting together graphics they felt best reflected Frederick.

    The committee took their ideas to a graphic designer at L.A.W.S., the same company that outfits the interior accessories and exterior lighting elements.
    The design incorporates the mountain views paired with strong block lettering. They also chose solid black for the overall paint color, offering both a streamlined look and a cost savings for the department.
    “It saves us money on the front and back end of the car’s life with the department,” Norris said. “This way we don’t have to have the cars specially painted in two colors in the beginning, which is more expensive, but they are more desirable to potential buyers at the police auction once we are ready to cycle them out, bringing a higher resale value.”
     The fleet of new cars consists of three 2012 Chevy Caprices, one 2012 Chevy Tahoe and a white 2012 Chevy Silverado code enforcement pickup.