Seedling trees available from West Adams Conservation District, Forest Service

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BRIGHTON — The West Adams Conservation District is offering seedling trees again this year in partnership with the Colorado State Forest Service tree program for farmers, ranchers and small landowners.

The program’s aim is to encourage landowners with one or more acres to successfully establish conservation tree plantings and wildlife habitat. 

“Planting windbreaks, shelterbelts, providing erosion control, and attracting wildlife is a common objective for many landowners. Each wildlife species has its own habitat requirements, and landowners can attract individual species by planting trees and shrubs to enhance wildlife food and cover,” read a statement from WACD about the program.

For example, pheasants and other game birds are attracted to windbreaks having a fruit-bearing shrub row such as Native Plum or Nanking Cherry.

During windy and cold seasons, trees located on the windward side act as windbreaks, which can help lower home heating bills and reduce snow drifts and the drying effect on soil and vegetation, which can keep topsoil in place.

Forty-three different tree and shrub varieties, bare roots, or in tubes or trays, are available. Contact CSU Extension Agent Jennifer Tucker before March 31 at 303-637-8157,  

or stop by the Natural Resources Conservation office, 57 W. Bromley Lane in Brighton (behind Agfinity) for an order form.