A symbol of strength

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Sculpture unveiled at high school

By Ben Wiebesiek

FREDERICK — From the inception of the idea to completion, it’s been a little more than a year to bring the warrior statue to Frederick High School.
    And Sept. 26, as the homecoming parade crossed Colorado Boulevard, the statue was unveiled in the median in front of the new high school.
    Sculptor Kathy Wardle said the process has been exhilarating.
    “It’s exciting to watch all of the community support,” Wardle said. “It’s been great. The kids were great at the assembly, really into it.”
    Wardle, an artist based in Brighton, joked that the biggest surprise was that it was finished.


    “Actually, everything went as planned,” Wardle said. “I’ve really enjoyed working with the community of Frederick. The trustees have been wonderful, and so has their staff.”
    The statue was commissioned by the Frederick Cultural Arts Commission.
    The arts commission gathered ideas from the student council at Frederick high School about the characteristics for the mascot, and in a press release, the commission said the feedback was an important element in the direction to the artist for the piece.
    Wardle said she hear that the warrior should be proud and represent strength in body and character without projecting violence.
    Because of this, the sculpture carried an eagle staff instead of a spear.
    Principal Pete Vargas praised the sculpture.
    “A strong school builds a strong community,” Vargas said.