Town of Firestone releases results of quality of life survey

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FIRESTONE — Town officials say Firestone’s recent citizen survey garnered valuable feedback as they move forward in making short- and long-term plans for the community.


The citizen survey showed that residents are 87 percent satisfied with their quality of life in Firestone, and they feel the community is a great place to raise children. Respondents also feel safe in the community, with 94 percent ranking their personal safety as very safe or somewhat safe.

  “Suggestions and comments from the survey will be valuable in planning future economic development efforts, street and park sustainability, and ongoing services and programs,” stated a news release from the town announcing the results.

“I am invigorated by the high level of satisfaction that was evident by the responses,” said Firestone Mayor Paul Sorensen. “As our newly elected board prepare for discussions on our community vision, this survey is the foundation we use to frame our discussions and build our communities future.”

  Specific policy issues were also included as questions on the survey, with respondents prioritizing the top three issues for the town within the next five years. Results came in with retail opportunities at 70 percent, employee at 49 percent and streets at 39 percent.

A question asking if a Firestone Community Center would be a benefit came back with 70 percent in favor. Respondents also voted 85 percent in favor of the town offering business incentives to attract family restaurants and major retail centers, and another 80 percent in favor of the Town spending resources on attracting primary employment opportunities to the community.

Further questions probed residents on how they feel about the oil and gas industry, public transportation, marijuana bans within Firestone.

When it came to amenities within Firestone, residents feel 77 percent satisfied with community parks, 62 percent satisfied with housing affordability, 63 percent satisfied with streets and roads, and 51 percent satisfied with the quality of schools. However, in the lower percentiles, only 15 percent were satisfied with restaurant options, 36 percent satisfied with retail opportunities and 10 percent satisfied with employment opportunities.

  The survey also solicited feedback regarding services provided by local districts, agencies and companies, including satisfaction with the recreation district, library, fire and sanitation districts, power company and senior center.

  When it came to Town of Firestone operations, 67 percent of the respondents were satisfied with the Town government welcoming citizen involvement, with 69 percent satisfied with the overall direction the Town is taking.

  The surveys were mailed to all residents in January, and were also available on the town’s website. The community surveys are conducted every couple of years to garner feedback and suggestions for the Board of Trustees in their planning for the community. The survey garnered a 22 percent return rate.

  Complete survey data and charts can be found online at www.ci.firestone.co.us/communitysurvey.