Weld County 4-H clubs accept fundraising challenge

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By The Staff

WELD COUNTY — To help reach its goal of raising $2 million for the Jean Hoshiko Memorial Endowment by the end of 2014, the Weld County CSU Extension Office issued a challenge to 4-H club members in the county.

For every $500 a club member raises toward the endowment, their name will be entered into a drawing for one of three prizes to be given away at 4-H Recognition Night on Oct. 8.

The purpose of the endowment is to create a new extension agent position, which is necessary to better reach eligible youth to participate in 4-H. Weld County Extension Office Director Keith Maxey said while there are currently about 1,000 members in Weld’s club-based program, there are still thousands more 4-H aged youth in the county.

“We think 4-H is an awesome experience,” said Maxey. “Our goal is to increase membership and reach new audiences that might not be familiar with the 4-H program. Getting the young people in our clubs involved with the fundraising demonstrates our commitment to this endowment and position at all levels.”

More than just a program for kids living in rural areas, 4-H clubs offer projects on an assortment of activities and skills, including: bicycle care, maintenance and safety; computer building repairing and networking; geospatial curriculum to increasing understanding of geographic and geospatial-related ideas; horseless horse; model rocketry; photography; robotics; scrapbooking and other categories for Weld County youth to learn about.

The deadline for contributions for this challenge is Sept. 30. First prize is an iPad, second prize is a Windows tablet, and third prize is an iPod. For example, if a member receives ten $50 contributions, their name will be entered once into the drawing. If a member receives a $1,000 contribution, their name will be entered twice.

“This challenge is a great way to encourage donations to the endowment campaign,” said Commissioner Mike Freeman. “Every little bit helps. We’re excited to have the club members’ participation to help us reach our goal.”

  To learn more or donate online, visit www.weld4hfoundation.org.