Weld County initiates small-business incentive program

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GREELEY — The Weld County Board of Commissioners late last month announced a new county program designed to assist small-business owners.

The Weld County Small Business Incentive Program, which will be managed by the Weld County Director of Planning, Tom Parko, in conjunction with the board, will provide eligible businesses financial assistance to offset land use, building permit and impact fees.

“We, as a board of commissioners, are excited to continue supporting small business development in our county,” said Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer. “We have set aside $500,000 from the county’s economic development fund for this program, which will help offset permitting fees — fees that can be substantial for a new business to absorb.”

The program is designed to reduce upfront capital outlay for small businesses located in Weld County. To be eligible for the funds, several criteria must be met by the applicant including:

— The subject real property must be located within Weld County.

— The business shall hire at least 50 percent of its workforce from Weld County.

— The program applies to businesses in Weld County with 25 or fewer employees.

— Applicants must provide a business plan.

— Applicants must consult with the Small Business Development Center.

In 2011, the Weld County Board of Commissioners participated in the governor’s implementation of a statewide economic development strategy which resulted in the Colorado Blueprint: A Bottom-Up Approach to Economic Development. One of the goals outlined in the document was to recruit, grow and retain small businesses within the county.

“We know small business is the backbone of any economy, and we want to help small businesses in Weld County succeed. It is our hope this program will do just that – help new, small businesses thrive and grow in Weld County,” said Kirkmeyer.

To learn more about the program, including the application and selection process, please visit www.weldgov.com or contact the director of planning at 970-353-6100, ext. 3572.