Weld County introduces Youtube show, 'Spotlight Weld County'

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WELD COUNTY — In an ongoing effort to use varied communication avenues for sharing county government information with the public, the Weld County Board of Commissioners recently launched the first of a series of YouTube shows titled “Spotlight Weld County.”


 “A year ago the county was not utilizing any social media platforms,” said Commissioner Chairman Douglas Rademacher. “It is interesting to see how far we have come in learning how to use new media to communicate information to the residents of Weld County.”

The first episode of “Spotlight Weld County,” which focuses on spring run-off preparations, is just under eight minutes long.

“The purpose of this series is to provide a brief update about different projects the county is working on,” said Rademacher, who leads the first episode.

Commissioners will rotate their appearances on the monthly show and discuss different initiatives the county is undertaking.

“As a Board, we knew we needed to start communicating with residents through the media they preferred using such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube,” said Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer. “We know people’s lives are busy and sitting down to research the latest news about county government isn’t a high priority for many. But, through new media platforms, we, as government, can do a better job sharing information with residents in hopes of helping them feel more connected with what is going on in their county.”

Commissioners approved the use of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube last summer. The county Facebook page exploded during the September 2013 Flood as it became a news source for residents regarding county-related information and updates. 

“On Sept. 11, 2013, we had 185 ‘Likes’ to the page. One week later, we had more than 11,000,” said Kirkmeyer. “Our Facebook community, which has stayed with us since the flood, provided not only insight into the importance of the county using social media as a communication tool but also the value of  Facebook in bringing our county together. We hope the county YouTube channel will do the same.”

To watch the first episode of “Spotlight Weld County,” visit www.youtube.com/user/WeldCountyCO.