• LETTER: Vote yes on the wheat referendum

    Dear Editor:

    As a fellow wheat farmer, I am writing to encourage other wheat producers to vote to permanently reapprove the current two-cent per bushel wheat assessment. This increase was approved in 2007, with the provision that wheat farmers would have seven years to evaluate the effectiveness of the increased funding for wheat research, market development and education programs and vote to reapprove in 2014. More than 50 percent of the fully refundable increase from one cent per bushel has been allocated to wheat research.

  • LETTER: Disgust over changes at Carbon Valley Recreation District

     Douglas Kudrna

    Guest Column


    When I moved to the Carbon Valley area in 1970 I was in the fourth grade. I loved the school system, the people, the attitude, and I became ingrained into the caring community so much that as I grew into adulthood I never moved far away.

  • LETTER: Veteran benefits, resources remain critical

        As the honorable and memorable Veterans Day fades away and comes to a close, we continue to reflect on the jobs that current and past soldiers have provided. It is extraordinary what is asked of a solider. A solider pinned in a foxhole for hours, if not days, while having shots flying over his head, waiting for relief to come, requires a brave and elite individual. Their service and sacrifice should be rewarded and highly respected.

  • Yes to 1-cent sales tax increase

        We are writing this letter in support of Firestone Ballot issues 2C and 2D, which
    will be on the November 5, 2013 ballot.  After living in this community for five years, we
    realize how lucky we are to be in such a beautiful and wonderful area of Colorado.  

  • More teachers should explore PACE

        As a local educator, I am especially excited for the fall and the hope and promise of a new school year. I love settling back into the classroom, getting to know all my new students, and the fresh opportunity to impact the lives of kids.
          While teaching is my passion, I couldn’t face these daily challenges without the support of my colleagues, administrators and my teachers’ organization — the Professional Association of Colorado Educators (PACE).

  • Kaul wrong about Will

        This is in reference to Donald Kaul’s comments about George Will. George Will is neither smug nor arrogant! His columns are insightful, informed and his piece on Detroit was on the mark. Granted, space dictated a less detailed picture than we would have liked. Forthcoming books will fill out the picture.
        George Will, along with Charles Krauthammer, rank as the foremost columnists of this generation.

  • In defense of Al Jacobson

        I have been a subscriber to the paper for a long time. I enjoy the columns by Al Jacobson, though I may not agree with all he writes.
        It is great for a newspaper to try and show different sides to issues facing us today.
        I have become somewhat disappointed with some of the recent letters asking to have Al removed because they do not agree with him. This is a major 

  • Respect the right to express points of view

        In a recent paper, you printed a letter from Ms. Phillips of Brighton in regards to the columns written by Al Jacobson.
        I want to first thank you for printing all articles that provide viewpoints that are liberal, conservative and sometimes somewhere in between. It is our duty and privilege as informed and, hopefully, intelligent readers to read and discern the content of those articles.
        Reading is the same as viewing art. The individual perception is often very different.

  • Support independent voters

        President Obama’s recently appointed Commission on Election Administration has begun holding public hearings around the country. This 10-member body is tasked with presenting recommendations to the president about how to “improve all citizens’ voting experience.” 

  • Jacobson’s name-calling distracts from real issues

        This letter is to present the following question. Why do you continue to print articles by Al Jacobson, who is so full of dislike, or even disgust, or a stronger word hate, that he cannot keep from calling anyone who does not think as he does a leftist/liberal?